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Frequently asked questions

No.  We provide a service to people who want to find low cost insurance.  Based on your answers with determine the best insurance agent who will provide a low priced insurance quote.

No. We provide this service to you free of charge.

Yes. With a licensed insurance specialist, you will be able to purchase insurance immediately. The specialist will work with you getting the best price for your insurance needs.

No. Once your request for a quote is received, our system will contact a Georgia licensed insurance agent within minutes to gather additional information to give you an accurate quote.

No. Your information is sent to a group of agents and only one agent will give you a quote. With our technology, a reputable insurance agent will be chosen to work hard to find the coverage and price you need. You won’t be bombarded by endless phone calls and emails like you would with other quote providers.

We know that your personal information is important. That’s why we don’t ask you a lot of personal questions on the form. We will only use your information to give you a quote. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

Georgia requires some level of insurance coverage before you can be on the road. Failure to have insurance can mean a fine and/or jail time, not to mention suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. 

In most of those states, the minimum required coverage is liability insurance to cover damage and injuries you may cause, though a handful of states require additional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive.

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